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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Ok is been a whole year since I post it something new...The Horror!! but I'll be back soon!

Friday, December 14, 2012

What's been going on with us this last year!

I know it takes me a while to write but here it is, for all of you that were anticipating, the wait is over.
Our Dear head of the Family turns 40 and we had a great party for him. Our theme the 80th. We had loads of fun and we are so grateful to have Bill in our lives and for his 40 yrs here on earth!

More to come soon!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Sarah turns 15th

Sarah at 15, and yes she colored her hair black
15 is a big year in the Latino culture. My parents wanted Sarah to have a Quinsianera, however Sarah was too shy and didn't want one, until all her friends started to encourage her. By then it was a little late to plan a party that big. (Quinsianera parties are a big as weddings). Anyways, she got a big expensive present from her ito and ita (grandparents on my side) and us. She got Chinese and Frozen pizza (she loves frozen Pizza) for her birthday meals  and got to go to the movies. We are so happy with her and her progress, we can believe how fast she is growing but we are so looking forward for her to drive, those early mornings seminary classes are getting crazy on us old folk :).  Happy Birthday Sarah!

Cake, ice cream and presents !!

Turtle cheesecake !

Jed and Robotics

When Jed visited his new Middle school open house last year he was impressed by their robotics club. He decided then he was going to be part of it. He did, this year he had gone to two different competitions  and made to the finals in both of them. Their team is the only  middle school team in our area.  However, this year they do a couple of high schoolers as part of their team (they were part of the team while their were in middle school). In this years middle school open house, Jed represented his robotics teams, new kids got exited and are ready to join next year. "Great job Jed, we are so glad for all your hard work and dedication." There are done with competitions this year but we are looking forward to the next year.
(picture to come)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Crayons

We peel them and we brake them

It is Valentine's day tomorrow, in our house valentines day is not a big deal, we just enjoy eating chocolate. But as the tradition goes for elementary school kids, we bring valentines to school. This year Megan is the only one making Valentines, so we home made them. We made Crayon hearts for Megan's class. They turned out very cute. Megan and I had a lot of fun making them, together!

once melted
Final Product

Orchestra Concert

She is in there behind the flutes
Her friend did her hair

 Sarah plays in her school marching band, however she has the chance to play with one of the 3 symphony Orchestra  in her school. She made it into the #2 one, (she is next on line to get into the first one if a Clarinet drops out). Anyways, we are just glad she gets to play in the #2. This past week they had a concert, we got to enjoyed the beautiful music they played. We love our school's district music program.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Temple a house of God

Last Saturday we had the opportunity to visit the temple and had the privilege to go in with 2 of our children. Sarah and Jed are now old enough to go in and last Saturday was Jed's first time. The kids did a couple of my family's names and I got to do some of my husbands family names as well. I had the opportunity to seal my grandparents too. What a spiritual high it was for me, what a wonderful feeling of being in temple together. I felt like I was home. I'm grateful for Temples and the blessing we receive.

Friday, January 27, 2012


So this Year I'm set goals for myself. One of them is to make start and finish a project every month. January project is to give new life the our living room tables. And here is the result, I mod-ponged it with a travel the world them. It was fun and I can wait to finish the next one. I'm planning to give my living room a Makeover, but since we don't have the money to buy all kinds of things, I will do it by turning what we are ready have into some thing new, wish me luck!
the After
The before

Our new addition to the Family

After many years of pleading kids, we got a Cat for Sarah. Her name is Morgana. She is so sweet and very playful. She hides in the oddest places, and gets crazy some time :) We named her Morgana because of the show "Merlin"
Morgana  on my Bed, she is so spoiled

She has become my date time companion she follows me around, and most of the time she likes to sleep in our bed. (mix feeling about that one)  However, once the kids come home from school she forgets about me and can't decide what kid she is most excited about. She has brought so much into our lives and we hope to have her for many years.

Jed turns 12 and becomes a Decon

In our Church 12yrs old is a special birthday for both girls and boys, since they move up to the youth program. However boy have the opportunity to receive the preparatory priesthood (Aaronnic Priesthood). So this birthday was a mild stone in Jed's life. We are do proud of him, specially because he has taking it very seriously. But we are mostly happy because, he has the desired to worthy of his priesthood, therefore he wants to be obedient to our Father in Heaven and he loves his gospel.
His Birthday!!

he was ordained by his father on Jan 15th

We are happy parents
He passed the sacrament for  the first time last Sunday, and It was great to see him out there even when he is the only Deacon in our ward :)   
We hope he continues to grow in the gospel and that he always remember he is a child of God.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Our Year in Review

 I can dedicate more time to our blog since I'm done with school so here I go. First, I will give you a quick review of our 2011 year. Enjoy!

Mexican for a day (my parents visit Cleveland)

The Marin Family...We are growing up!!
We go Mexican for a day, My family
visited us in May and we had a blast We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant. We know is not the best but we really like it!

pretending to be a ghost


 sweet brothers


Sarah and Jed hit a another mild stone this year, they both move up to a  new School. Sarah Finish Middle school and Jed finish Elementary School.  But first they needed to matriculate from their present schools. It was a full day Sarah ceremony was early in the morning and Jed's a little later in the day. Megan was at school so we got to get some graduates time. Sarah got Merit Roll recognition and she cried because she didn't get Honor roll. It is only a .6 points difference, between the two So in other words the difference between A and A+ . Jed and Sarah were awarded the presidential award and Jed received  tickets to go see an Indians games for best safety patrol student, he demonstrated responsibility and kindness .  Jed ceremony was later in the morning and after we went to Applebees to celebrate.

Sarah got honor Roll Medal
Sarah's Classmates and soon to move to high School as well
Sarah enjoying a dessert shot
Jed and his gifted classmates giving a presentation
Jed making his entrance
Jed celebrating, he looks so handsome!
Jed receiving awards

Her little group of girlfriends

We had an awesome but very busy summer. With lots of changes and fun trips. In April we started with  
"This is Kirtland",  The whole family was involved except Megan. Sarah work back stage, Bill and Jed were part of the cast and I did costumes as the past few years. Our family was so busy, we missed a few activities but we loved being part of the play. We met new people, got to know some more of others, cried and laugh together. The best part was to really feel the spirit and work together as a family. We came home very tired every night but what a great spiritual experience prove to be. Daddy twisted his ankle and couldn't dance for a few night, yes he did dance and was the most energetic Brigham Young. Jed played the part of  Sydney's son ,Algernon. He and Sarah missed our trip to Canada because of the play. But they want to do it again this year.

Listening to the plans for the Temple

Ready for the show

Jed during at the school

About to delivered his lines

Megan was in all the rehearsals and shows, here she is with  Sarah  waiting for the show to start

A Quick Trip to Canada (Alan gets baptized)

Megan and my parents
The baptism

In July Megan and I had the privilege to attend my nephew's baptism and birthday party, it was such a great experience. He had one on one time with Megan and we loved taking a break with the family.

Cub-scout Jed (4th of July) 
We love the 4th of July.This year was Jed's last year to participate in the Flag ceremony as a cub-scout, for our ward celebration, he sure is growing up. Then we had the usual breakfast and bicycle parade. 

Jed and his troop
Participating in the bike parade

Waiting for the fireworks to start!

Swimming Lessons
Smiling for the Camera
Megan was the only one to take swimming lessons this year. The other two know how to swing and with all the other activities swim team was not part of our summer plans. Now if I can only learn to swim myself!!

New Minivan
So we had a horrible experience with our mechanic and the van, so bad that I don't want to talked about it. Needless to say we bought and new to us van and we got a new mechanic! I did have to find a new body shop as well since I  hit another car backing up in a parking lot, plus I didn't again later in the year :(  Now we are just glad we have a reliable car so we can go visit family!!

Up State New York Trip (sacred grove)

Megan has been learning about our church history and was very interested in visiting the sacred grove in upstate NY. So after the show ended the kids and I took a trip  up there. It was raining but we enjoyed it none the less. We got to visit all the sites and enjoyed some nice quality time. The best part for me was to walk the grove, it doesn't matter how many times I visit I feel the wonderful and special feeling of the sacredness of this place.
Part of the sacred grove
B.O.M Languages
The printing press

Smith cabin

The sacred grove

The Hill Cumorah

Our Family Vacation

Bill didn't have many vacations days left since he had to take a week when I went to Germany. However, we had a long weekend mini  vacation. We pack it up to get the most out of it. It was our first minivan trip. First we went to Gettysburg, then to New Jersey once there we visited the Statue of liberty and the boardwalk. On our way our new to us minivan broke down, thanks to our road assistance we stayed in a nice hotel. At the end, all that it was wrong with the van was a wrench that our dealership have left in the engine. We made home a day late but we made it safely.

Welcome back to the  2011 school Year 

This year meant new schools for Sarah and Jed, Sarah Started High School and Jed Middle School. Sarah Joined the marching band and Jed joined robotics Club and Student Counsel. Mommy starter and finished her last College semester.

Jed at the Student Counsel Induction reception

Jed receiving his Student council pin

Sarah in her formal band uniform

Sarah at homecoming
Duran Duran Concert

After many years of waiting Duran Duran came to town and we got to go see the concert. We really enjoyed it, however my Bill enjoyed the best :)

Megan Winter Concert 

Megan got a duet this year and she did amazing. She wore a skirt I made the night before and while making it  my machine broke down. Thanks to my visiting teaching that lend me her machine for the night I got finish.

Me the graduate

After many years of trying I finally accomplish my goal to get my Bachelors degree. I graduated with a 3.02gpa specializing in Marketing. What great day it was, But I couldn't have done it without the help of Heavenly Father and my family. My hubby threw me a party as well, it was a viking theme.


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