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Friday, January 27, 2012

Jed turns 12 and becomes a Decon

In our Church 12yrs old is a special birthday for both girls and boys, since they move up to the youth program. However boy have the opportunity to receive the preparatory priesthood (Aaronnic Priesthood). So this birthday was a mild stone in Jed's life. We are do proud of him, specially because he has taking it very seriously. But we are mostly happy because, he has the desired to worthy of his priesthood, therefore he wants to be obedient to our Father in Heaven and he loves his gospel.
His Birthday!!

he was ordained by his father on Jan 15th

We are happy parents
He passed the sacrament for  the first time last Sunday, and It was great to see him out there even when he is the only Deacon in our ward :)   
We hope he continues to grow in the gospel and that he always remember he is a child of God.

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April said...

Twelve is a very special age for a young man. That's awesome! You are very blessed.

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