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Monday, March 12, 2012

Sarah turns 15th

Sarah at 15, and yes she colored her hair black
15 is a big year in the Latino culture. My parents wanted Sarah to have a Quinsianera, however Sarah was too shy and didn't want one, until all her friends started to encourage her. By then it was a little late to plan a party that big. (Quinsianera parties are a big as weddings). Anyways, she got a big expensive present from her ito and ita (grandparents on my side) and us. She got Chinese and Frozen pizza (she loves frozen Pizza) for her birthday meals  and got to go to the movies. We are so happy with her and her progress, we can believe how fast she is growing but we are so looking forward for her to drive, those early mornings seminary classes are getting crazy on us old folk :).  Happy Birthday Sarah!

Cake, ice cream and presents !!

Turtle cheesecake !


Molly said...

The dress turned out lovely. Good Job.

The Mirci Kids said...

Diane likes the hair Sarah! Dax does too. :) We miss playing and being babysat by Sarah, but love living back home in Salt Lake City with most of our family. We can't wait to run in the first snow of the year this weekend...maybe mom will have to blog it....maybe :)

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